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To sum it all up, I need you and only you.

So it’s obviously taking some time for me to get used to writing on this bitch every day… It is Sunday, the 15th of January; which means that my birthday is one day less than a month away :D so pumpt to be turning 18, porn n fireworks won’t know what hit them ;) lolol jk, 18’s quite a pointless age. although turning 18 before QC is making life that much better :D ahhh I might die in Quebec, seeing as Dev’s 18th is the first day we get there #godhelpus. Fingers crossed for those beautiful 5 days in the city, I hope they become a time in my life I will never forget. (#winkwink #nudgenudge #jkbutseriously) Exams are in 2 weeks.. then after exams it’s 2nd term, which means it’ll be february :) god bless that month, it’s gonna be filled with drunk times. I actually have a feeling that this year is going to be a good one. I sure hope it is. I’m just gonna look towards the future and the thing’s that are worth looking forward to. Stay positive n all that jazz. I hope the one thing that would complete just about everything going on in my life, happens in the best way it possibly could. God I hope it does..